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When to go?

The best time to visit is as early as possible if you want to see the site from Huayna Picchu – the highest peak of the two, and the one offering the most breathtaking views. Only 400 visitors are allowed up each day, so queues begin forming long before dawn!
It’s also worth noting that although rainy season is officially from October to April, the sky can burst at any moment!

How to get there?

The PeruRail train from Cusco takes 3½ hours from Cusco to Aguas Calientes, the town at the foot of Machu Picchu (recently renamed Machu Picchu Pueblo, both town names are used). Train tickets sell out quickly so make sure you book with weeks to spare! The hike from Aguas Calientes takes about 90 minutes, otherwise expect long waits for the busy buses, despite the fact that they depart every few minutes from 5:30AM onwards.

Good to know

When should I visit?

Open from 6:00AM to 5:00PM daily.

How to get there

Machu Picchu can be reached from Aguas Calientes by foot or bus.

Is it expensive?

Tickets cost 126 soles, which is about $45.

Will I need a guide?

Absolutely! Might be worth it to check out our best-selling tours.

What people are saying about Machu Picchu

★★★★★ Machu Picchu is awonderful and inspiring place.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Machu Picchu. Edith our guide was excellent, do informative and answered all our questions. Thank you Edith for being so caring and kind.

Full-Day Machu Picchu Tour reviewed by John

★★★★★ This was perfect for a last minute MP booking!

Purchasing was simple, tickets were emailed to me within 48 hours, the day ran smoothly! Hiking the mountain was definitely worth it. Recommend that folks buy bus tickets ahead of time!

★★★★★ An enjoyable re-visit to the Incas' most important heritage

It was a very early start at 4 am. While the journey was comfortable, we expected some interaction with "Get Your Guide" staff or guide for a greater part of the journey, apart from the main Machu Pichu visit. Was wondering why we were not part of a bigger group. That said our guide was well informed and and made the most anticipated part of the day trip meaningful and enjoyable.

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